Sports massage

Sports massage is an excellent treatment for anyone, from injured athletes to office-based workers suffering from the aches and pains of everyday life. It can be designed to enhance athletic performance and increase recovery rates as port of pre-event, post-event and injury treatment.

The results are that scar tissue is broken down, oxygen level increases, fibres are warmed and stretched and your range of movement is increased. Be it football, rugby, golf, cycling, weight training or any occupation, sports massage therapy is an excellent form of treatment.

Treatment includes:

  • A free consultation for all new clients of Born Again Sports Therapy
  • We’ll use a range of techniques according to your individual needs, such as deep tissue massage, Neuromuscular techniques, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and stretching.
  • Advice, stretches and exercises will be given to you to continue at home to reduce pain and aid your posture.
  • As well as being beneficial to those participating in sports, this treatment also helps with sciatica, back pain, whip lash, sports injuries and to speed up recovery rate.

Sports massage therapy can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as enhancing the performance of an active sports person. Sports massage can benefit everyone in the following ways:

  • By relieving stress, tension and pain
  • By enhancing posture
  • By re-energising exhausted bodies
  • By improving circulation and lymphatic flow through the removal of toxins
  • By increasing muscle tone and length
  • By improving range of movement
  • By preparing the body for competition
  • By assisting in mental preparation prior to participation in sport
  • By ensuring quick recovery after an event
  • By removing metabolic waste such as lactic acid
  • By providing rehabilitation after injury
  • By assisting with the remodelling of scar tissue

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

Your tolerance level will always be considered: what is deep for one client may be light for another. Consistent communication is vital to ensure that the massage is a pleasant for each client. You may experience slight soreness for up to 24 hours after the massage but after this period we can guarantee that you will feel the amazing benefits!

How quickly will I see results?

You should feel the benefits immediately. However, undoing knots and tension that built up over time may take a few sessions to release. A programme combining massage, exercise, relaxation and postural awareness is recommended.