Former England International distance runner Marie Hart

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Adil ‘The Platinum Kid’ Anwar – Light-welterweight Boxing Contender

Adil Anwar - Boxer


Former England International distance runner Marie Hart

Ex England International distance runnerFormer England international Marie Hart now competes for ‘Horsforth Harriers’ and is a regular client to Born Again Sports & Holistic massage therapy.

Marie Says:

“Having being a runner at county, inter county and international level, one of the most important aspects for me as an athlete was having a trusted and knowledgeable sports masseur to keep my body in tip top shape. After giving up this level of intensity and not bothering with massages I took a few years off competing before joining my local club, ‘Horsforth Harriers’. I enjoyed competing again in local races and team events. Training and competing in races became a roller coaster, and picking up various injuries made it impossible to compete. This brought with it a lack of motivation and less desire to train and compete for a race, as further niggles and injuries always seemed to happen in another area of my body. I tried quite a few sports masseurs out over a couple of years, but until I found Andy none of them had given me that feeling of “yes at last, I’ve found a masseur I know is going to get me back in shape”. This has given me the motivation and drive to train harder and challenge myself again. Andy questions and listens and adapts the massage to suit exactly what my body needs, this includes neck and shoulders to maintain a total body fluency. This expert understanding and depth of massage has ensured any niggles haven’t had the chance to develop into a full blown injury. The massages are fantastic for me!! I can now maintain a training plan and run more fluently and efficiently which has resulted in a sub 70 minute time this year, while competing in a 10 mile race in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. I recently suffered a hamstring pull (from a hard track session) which Andy treated. Amazingly I was back to full recovery within 3 sessions which meant I didn’t have to stop training and pull out of a team event. I now see Andy 2-3 times a month as I have found this to be the most beneficial and effective way to keep my body in good condition. Andy is very professional and I have every confidence in recommending him”

Lydia – Holistic therapist

As a massage therapist myself I have searched very hard to find someone of Andy’s caliber. Where do I begin? Andy is more than just a massage therapist, his knowledge, care, sensitivity and precision make his treatments quite incredible. Even after months of treating patients myself one session with Andy and all the pain and tension just disappears! I can’t recommend him enough. You will not be disappointed!

Adil ‘The Platinum Kid’ Anwar – Light-welterweight Boxing Contender

As a professional boxer competing at the highest level of my sport, it is important for me to train hard every day twice a day, when preparing for my fights. Thanks to Andy at ‘Born Again’, I am able to train intensely & work harder as the treatments help me recover in between my sessions hugely. Also Andy has helped me with slight injuries I have picked up along the way with the Ultrasound technology he has available. The treatments are a very important part in my pre fight training regime.

Check out the short documentary on Adil Anwar’s road to success at:

Wayne – Cyclist

Andy was recommended to me by a fellow cyclist whilst bike riding in Scotland. I was suffering with severe knee pain & it was hampering my performance & affecting my confidence whilst riding. I also had other little niggles from years of sports & gym training.
The first visit was a painful one due to how stiff & mangled my muscles were. Andy did everything he could to make me feel as comfortable as possible with warm towels & relaxing music.

I have now had 3 treatments and the persistent knee & calf problems that I lived with for months have now all gone. I will continue to use Andy & will also recommend him to anyone I hear who mentions muscular problems, Injuries or pain.

Ian – IT consultant.

I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the quality & effectiveness of service recently received personally from Andy Kirk of Born Again Sports & Holistic Massage Therapy.

Although I will be soon hitting the grand old age of 50, I still regularly play 5 a-side football. I developed a serious calf strain which needed some urgent support.

Andy fitted me in at relatively short notice & worked his magic as I was struggling to walk, limping when I arrived. Although not a pleasant experience as my injury required some deep tissue work which is quite painful, however the results were great, even after only a couple of days I noticed a massive improvement!

Andy creates a wonderful relaxing environment & its great to hear the history of his journey from Professional Rugby League as a sportsman himself to the guy curing sporting injuries.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy’s services to friends, family & colleagues in need of assistance.

Joe Ellis – Olympic and GB International hockey player.

With being an elite athlete, recovery is crucial and Sports massage is vital to enable my body to recover from intense training. Andy is very professional and his attention to detail has enabled me to feel fresh and prepared for the following days game.

Chris – Wellness coach

I had been suffering with a numb aching pain in my lower back for some weeks, with no obvious reason for why it had started. I spoke with Andy about this and we arranged a Sports massage to see if Andy could work things free. Andy was extremely professional before, during and after the treatment, explaining what he was going to do and giving me some quality after care advice. Never having any treatment like this before, this aspect was very important to me.

After a few days, things began to settle down from the intense session and the back pain had gone. I am extremely grateful for Andy’s work as I can now carry on my active lifestyle. Andy advised me that a lot of it may have been coming from tight muscles in my shoulders and my poor posture. I am now very conscious of this and ensure I correct it to prevent any more discomfort in the future.

I would definitely recommend Andy to any of my friends and family who complain of these types of symptoms.

Thank you again!

David – Carpet & flooring fitter.

Having a very physical job it’s vital that I look after my body and simply can not afford to have days off work through injury. After sustaining a neck Injury back in February I booked in with Andy for a sports massage treatment and I was delighted with the results. Though the treatment itself is not without pain my condition gradually eased over the next few days and I was back to full strength within a week. Andy also gave me sound advice regarding stretching and lifestyle to prevent further injury.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy as his expertise and professionalism are second to none!

Robert – Photographer

Having suffered from back pains on and off for the past 6 months, I recently decided to book in for a sports massage with Andy at his Rodley clinic. This was my first ever treatment, so Andy took the time to explain what would take place.

The actual treatment itself was at times painful, but Andy was able to pin point the week points in my back, which was just what I needed. Almost immediately after the treatment my aches and pains were eased. I was given an aftercare pack which was very helpful too.
I can highly recommend Andy’s professionalism in what he does. I will certainly use his services again for future treatment.

Merla (Care worker) – Leeds

I initially went to see Andy because my back ached and I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder and arm which I thought was a nerve problem. I booked a special offer for 4 treatments, which I thought was fantastic value! Andy explained it was more likely to be the muscles that was causing me discomfort. After a couple of massage sessions my whole arm felt so much better. The body massages were fantastic and left me feeling somewhat ‘lighter’ as well as a desire to walk with a better posture. It was obvious that Andy was very knowledgeable of the type of massage to do on the different parts of the body.

Karl – Professional football coach

I lead an active lifestyle, playing and coaching football. Over the last few years I have been experiencing lower back and hamstring pains to the point where I was finding it hard to play, train and coach. After my first course with Andy I felt pain free and relaxed.

Not only did Andy do a great job with my lower back and hamstrings he also gave me advice about which stretches could help to ease the constant pain I get after a football match or a long training session.

I now see Andy twice a month as I feel it is great value. Not only great value but the results you get from it are great!


Venessa – (Full time administrator) – Wakefield

I came to see Andy after a friend from work recommended him. I work full time as a administrator and I am the mother of two young boys.

I booked a course of Holistic massage treatments with ‘Born Again’ after suffering with upper back and neck pain. I was also getting frequent headaches while at home and work. After my 1st treatment I could feel the difference in my neck. My head felt so much lighter and my headaches went away immediately! I was astonished just how quickly I felt the positive results. After my 4th treatment I felt like a new person. The tension in my upper back and neck had totally gone and my head felt clear and I could concentrate so much better at work for longer periods. Andy gave me some great advice about my posture at work and about my fluid intake and diet.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who left feedback from the ‘Living Social’ deal.

Here are some of the comments you left……

Professionally trained, environment was excellent and the place was refurbished to a high standard. It shows how much Andy cares about his service to clients.

The best massage ever and a really nice bloke. I would recommend to anyone.

I frequently have a massage and this chap is going to see me regularly. One of the best deep muscle massages I have had. Well worth the full price. Thank you, I’m still floating.

Fab location & great massage. Would recommend!

Being a therapist myself I have experienced a number of treatments over the years but can honestly say this is one of the best I’ve had. Andy actually listened to what I said and adapted the treatment to suit me perfectly. Myself and my husband were most definitely impressed and will book again.

Really really good – would recommend it to anyone needing a relaxation or sports massage. Very professional, obviously knows his stuff, very relaxed and the treatment was amazing!

I felt totally at ease which is important when you’re half naked with a stranger! The therapist listened to my needs and the massage was excellent. I have booked my next appointment.

Best sports massage I’ve ever had, Andy has a real in depth knowledge of techniques to aid muscle repair & recovery.

First class massage and very friendly service. 10 out of 10.

Bliss! Great massage left me very relaxed for hours afterwards.

Very friendly and professional!

Best Massage I’ve ever had, and I have had a LOT. Felt fantastic afterwards, perfect 10/10

Well worth it, the massage made me feel great, i will not hesitate to return to this business even at full price.

Superb, very good & very knowledgeable. I suffer with back problems & it was superb. Gave me some much needed relief to my muscles. Can’t recommend enough!